Guided rides take your Bike Ranch Stay to the next level

Make the most of your Bike Ranch Stay with a guided ride. We are very proud to be working with local legends Pedal MTB who bring passion, knowledge and utter stoke to the group, Pedal MTB guides know the trails better than anyone.

Pedal MTB are the leading mountain bike training company in North Wales, and have some serious talent amongst their team. From seasoned racers, passionate riders, sports scientists and international athletes, Pedal MTB bring their friendly and energetic style to Bike Ranch guiding and coaching. Your day on the trails with this bunch is guaranteed to give you an absolutely epic day to remember.

But why do you need a guide?

You are a proficient rider, roughly know your way around or at least can read a map (ish?) Your negotiation skills with your 8-10 friends about which way to go are top notch…

For exactly that reason. You are a proficient rider, want to see the best bits, ride the best bits (and only the best bits?!) yep – that’s possible – all with a guide. You’ll cover way more ground than you would on your own and with a guide it’s quality AND quantity. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear by the end of the day.

A guide means quality AND quantity.

Pedal MTB guides will meet you at the Ranch in the morning and take you from there. A Bike Ranch lunch and refreshments are provided so you don’t have to carry supplies, and there’s cake and beer to wrap up your day on the trails before heading back to the Ranch.

Pedal MTB don’t just offer guiding, you can brush up your skills with a coaching course, a jumps course right here on the Bike Ranch Snowdonia Jumps Line or you could even do some MTB qualifications – all while staying at the Ranch.

Guided rides can be tailored to you and your group, please contact us directly to book.