Terms & Conditions

  1. General Bookings
  1. When making a booking with us, you are confirming you and every individual in your party agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  2. The person booking must be over 18 and confirm that the party will not exceed the number of people stated on the booking.
  3. Bookings are only confirmed with us when we have received your payment through the online booking system.
  4. Campsite booking payments are refundable up until 7 days before arrival. After then if you decide to cancel, your payment is non-refundable.
  5. We do not take bookings, or payments over the phone. All bookings are made online.
  6. If you are booking the Hayloft Barn, the online booking system allows you to place a deposit to secure your booking. Once your booking has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email.
  7. You will be required to pay the remaining fee on your booking 28 days before your arrival if you are staying in the Hayloft Barn. You will receive an email reminder.
  8. We reserve the right to set minimum night stays. This is automated within the booking system. For example – for those wanting to camp, there is a minimum of a three nights stay over bank holiday weekend.
  9. Campervans must be 6.5m in length or less. If you are a converted work van just slightly longer than this, please contact us as we will try to accommodate you, but it is on a case-by-case basis and at our discretion. The farm has narrow gates and sharp turns which is why this limit is in place. If you are a motor home of any sort, we cannot accommodate you.
  10. We do not accept motorhomes, caravans, or trailer tents.
  11. Pricing is set for the year and will only be reviewed for the following season. Pricing is displayed on the website as you go through your booking.
  12. In order to make your booking you will need to provide us with specific personal details relating to you and your booking. Your details will be used only in relation to your booking and will not be sold, exchanged or traded to or with any third party.
  13. When you make a booking, we will use your email address for the purpose of fulfilling your booking. This will include sending you an email to confirm your booking and may include further communication should we need to contact you regarding specific requirements or any changes or cancellation to your booking.
  14. At the time of booking, you will be required to create an account to enable you to log in and pay any payment instalments. We do not have access or visibility of your personal account as this is private to you.
  1. Group Bookings
  1. For the campsite – the maximum number of people under one booking is 6 people. If wanting to book for more than 6 please make two separate bookings. If placing more than two bookings per customer, please contact us prior to booking.
  2. If individuals are making separate bookings but intend to be in a group of more than 6, please contact us prior to booking.
  3. We endeavour to accommodate large group bookings. But please bear in mind this is a family friendly campsite and noise or disturbances will not be tolerated. If you are a large group, please contact us directly as we will try to reserve a space on the campsite that enables you to enjoy yourselves without disturbing other campers.
  4. If a group turns up and a group booking has not been made or we have not been informed prior to arrival, we reserve the right to cancel all bookings associated with that group with no refund.
  5. If a group receives one noise or disturbance complaint from another guest we hold the right to ask that group, in its entirety to leave site without refund.
  1. Hayloft Barn Bookings
  1. The Hayloft Barn is a converted self-catering barn that sleeps 8 people inclusive of the price listed. For more than 8 people, up to 10 there is an additional person charge.
  2. The Hayloft Barn is not available on a room only basis.
  3. The Hayloft Barn has a fully equipped kitchen. Please see details listed on the website for further information.
  4. The remaining balance for a Hayloft Barn booking is due 28 days prior to arrival.

  1. Cancellations, Refunds and Changes to bookings
  1. It is possible to cancel your booking and receive a full refund, minus a small admin fee if you are 14 days or more before arrival for the campsite and Camping Barn, or 28 days or more for the Hayloft Barn and Pod.
  2. For the Hayloft Barn, cancellations must be requested prior to the remaining payment due date for your deposit to be refunded.
  3. Once your full payment is due, on cancellation your deposit is non-refundable.
  4. We regret that the weather is not in our control, and we cannot refund any bookings due to adverse weather conditions.
  5. For more than one change to a booking, there is an admin charge applicable.
  6. If you are unable to attend during all or part of your booking due to Covid-19 illness or isolation to you or a booking party member, please contact us immediately.
  7. We are not obliged to refund your booking, but we will attempt to rearrange your booking dates for an admin fee. Please contact us directly to discuss.
  8. Medical evidence may be required.
  9. Deciding on the day of arrival, you are not going to attend your booking is a lost booking. There is no option to change your date of arrival on your day of arrival.
  10. We cannot refund you if you have booked the ‘wrong’ Cae Gwyn.

  1. Obligations
  1. On arrival, please ensure you check-in at reception. If you are found to be on the fields without having checked in, this is considered trespassing, and you will be asked to leave.
  2. Cars on the fields are strictly forbidden, at any time of year. There are loading and unloading hard standing at the top of each field which you are welcome to use, before returning your car to the carpark.
  3. Damage or breakages must be reported immediately.
  4. We endeavour to keep our facilities spotless. If you come across anything less than this, please report it immediately.
  5. When damage or breakage occurs on the farm or accommodation which we regard as beyond normal wear and tear, guests will be charged accordingly.
  6. You must not use the camping fields, the campsite or any of the surrounding area for any dangerous, offensive, noisy, illegal, or immoral activities or carry on any act that may be a nuisance or annoyance to us or any neighbours.
  7. You must agree to be responsible for the welfare of yourselves and your children.
  8. You must ensure children in your party are properly supervised at all times, in all areas of the farm, including the camping fields, when using all amenities and any surrounding areas. The farm yard is not a ‘safe place’ for children to roam. Please ensure they are supervised at all times. Non supervision will result in guests being asked to leave.
  9. You must comply with any general regulations relating to campsites. The usual customs of good camping are to be followed at all times.
  10. As we are a family friendly campsite, we ask all guests to be quiet between the hours of 22.00 and 07.30 and refrain from excessive noise at all other times. In the evening we operate a ‘quiet by 22.00, silent by 23.00’ rule. Guests not adhering to this will have one warning before being asked to leave. Campsite patrols are in force on busy weekends.

  1. Arrival and Departure
  1. Arrivals for the campsite are from 2pm. If you are planning on arriving after 8pm please contact us to let us know. There are no arrivals accepted after 9pm.
  2. Check-in for the Hayloft Barn is from 4pm. Self-check-in is available if you are planning to be later – please contact us directly to arrange.
  3. Check-in for the Camping Barn is from 4pm. Self-check-in is available if you are planning to be later – please contact us directly to arrange.
  4. Check-in for the Jumps View Pod is from 4pm. Self-check-in is available if you are planning to be later – please contact us directly to arrange.
  5. Our reception opening hours are 2pm until 8pm. If you need us outside of these times, please ring the doorbell at reception, but understand we may not be available.
  6. All arrivals must park in the designated carpark and check-in at reception.
  7. Please ring the bell of the reception and wait for us to come to you.
  8. If you plan to arrive after 8pm, you must contact us with an eta, and this must be before 10pm. We do not allow self-check in of the campsite after this time.
  9. Please do not build tents or take cars onto camping fields without speaking to us first.
  10. Check out time for the campsite is 11am. You must have vacated the field by then.
  11. Facilities will be closed between 11 and 2pm daily for cleaning.
  12. Check out time for the Hayloft Barn, Camping Barn and Pod is 09.30am.
  13. Departing guests from the Hayloft Barn, Camping Barn and Pod must return to reception at the end of your stay unless otherwise arranged. Loss of keys is chargeable at £10.
  14. If you decide to leave early from your stay, we cannot issue refunds.

  1. General
  1. We do not allow supermarket deliveries, or any other guest delivery on site. Takeaway companies do not deliver to us as we are too remote.
  2. As previously mentioned, children must be supervised at all times.
  3. Dogs are welcome on site for a small fee (through the booking system). They must be well behaved, and all dog poo to be picked up and disposed of appropriately.
  4. No loud/amplified music or loud noises at any time.
  5. Persistent noisy guests that disturb other guests will be asked to leave without refund or other liability.
  6. Strictly no visitors on the farm. All guests on the farm are paying and staying – either in our Hayloft, Camping Barn, Pod or Campsite.
  7. Facilities are checked multiple times a day and kept clean. Please report any issues with facilities as soon as you notice them.
  8. The bike store has a combination lock that you need to obtain from us on arrival if you wish to use it.
  9. There is e-bike charging facility in the bike store for a small fee.
  10. General washing up area for campers is available including sinks, fridge, microwave, toaster, and a kettle.
  11. Camping rules are available on the website and on the notice board at the farm in the washing up area.
  12. There are designated parking spaces for all users of the farm. Please look for signage.
  13. There is no electric hook up available.
  14. We do not have the facility to allow you to dispose of campervan toilets. You must take any toilet waste away with you – or easier still, use the facilities on site in the first place.
  15. There are clearly marked bins on the farm to split out recycling, food, and general waste. Wales is extremely strict on rubbish and recycling and if you are unable to split your rubbish as per the instruction you will be asked to take your rubbish home with you.
  16. Please do not put loose rubbish in the green wheelie bins. If you need bin bags please ask at reception.
  17. Disposing of gas canisters at the farm is strictly prohibited.
  18. Under no circumstances can any unwanted / broken large items be disposed of at the farm. They must be taken home with you such as chairs/tables/barbecues/inflatable beds etc. Charges will apply if this is breached.
  19. Under no circumstances can disposable BBQs be disposed of at the farm – they must be taken away with you.
  20. You are responsible for your own personal property. Cae Gwyn Farm cannot be held liable for any loss of property while on the farm.
  21. Although the farm is gated, and we are around most of the time there is not yet a security system in place. Please ensure cars are locked in the carpark and you shut the gates behind you.
  22. Climbing the stone walls or removing stones from them is prohibited as they are a historic heritage of the farm which have been preserved through centuries.
  23. Shut the gates. If in doubt, shut the gates.

  1. Health and Safety
  1. We endeavour to make our farm as safe as possible for small children, but some parts of the farm can still be dangerous for them. Please ensure that your children are supervised at all times and in all areas.
  2. We operate a strict non-smoking policy in any of our buildings and accommodation, including the camping facilities.
  3. Smoking is also prohibited while walking around the farm. Please keep smoking to a minimum. Close to your tent or (outside) accommodation as low key as possible.
  4. No excessive consumption of alcohol.
  5. No fireworks or Chinese/paper lanterns anywhere on the farm.
  6. Gas stoves, naked flames or cooking inside tents is not permitted and can be lethal.
  7. You are welcome to use portable and reusable barbeques with a stand but ensure that they are approximately 20cm off the ground to avoid scorching the grass.
  8. We strongly encourage AGAINST disposable barbecues. Under no circumstances can disposable BBQs be disposed of at the farm. We usually have some BBQs available to use, please ask.
  9. Due to being in a RAF fly zone, it is absolutely against farm and local rules to use a drone without associated licenses and permissions.

Terms and Conditions last reviewed / updated: Jan 2024