Exclusive Jumps Line

Here at BRS we want you to fuel your stoke both on and off the Ranch. So, to ensure you’re ready to take advantage of the trails or bike parks you’re going to visit during your stay we have created our very own jumps line for you to find your legs on or to enjoy at the end of the day if you still have some left in the stoke tank.

Built by local riders and sculpted by the some of the same people who help create Redbull Hardline you can ensure these are not only built well, but fun whatever level of riding you’re at. If you want to learn to jump for the first time or are thinking ‘why can’t I boost out of this!?’ then head on over to our partners page PEDAL MTB where you can book on a Jumps Workshop that is run right here on the Ranch using our very own jumps line. And if you’re staying with us, ask for a discount, it will annoy Ed.